GDPR - Self Assessment Audit

We are sure you are starting to be bombarded with information on GDPR from many sources and some of these are making it sound like a big scary change which it is not. ICO are also concerned that there is lots of misinformation out there. In a recent newsletter Elizabeth Denham, the UK Information Commissioner commented:

For the most part, writers, bloggers and expert speakers have their facts correct about the GDPR. And what they say – and sometimes challenge – helps organisations prepare for what’s ahead.

But there’s some misinformation out there too. Such as “GDPR will stop dentists ringing patients to remind them about appointments” or “cleaners and gardeners will face massive fines that will put them out of business”. I’ve even read that big fines will help fund our work. For the record, these are wrong.

If this kind of misinformation goes unchecked, we risk losing sight of what this new law is about – greater transparency, enhanced rights for citizens and increased accountability.

With the above in mind, we recommend you read the ICO Myth Busting blogs which you can access using the following link:

To assist firms plan, we have devised a simple seven-page audit based on ‘Preparing for GDPR 12 steps’ issued by ICO. This will also be a useful tool to demonstrate what preparations you are making, if challenged on your progress with GDPR.

More information will follow on GDPR, as we progress through the remainder of this year so keep your eyes open. 

(Source: ICO)

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