A New Mortgage Club


Are you fed up with your Mortgage Club overpromising and under delivering? Do you feel you are paying over the odds and not getting value for money? Well perhaps there is another way! In our dealings with many firms we have come across a new mortgage club called The Adviser Alliance’ which has been set up for the benefit of its members. The Adviser Alliance concept was initially conceived by Martin Stewart, owner of London Money who had grown disillusioned with the offering from the existing mortgage clubs.

His vision is for a fairer system, which always gives brokers the maximum permissible procuration fee and adopts a low-cost service model to ensure that profit share is maximised. Rather than simply allow mortgage clubs to control payment levels to brokers, Martin wanted guaranteed maximum commission and more profits returned to brokers.

All of this in return for an annual subscription payment. Members receive The Adviser Alliance commitment to paying the maximum possible procuration fee, plus a monthly profit share. The pre-launch modelling shows an improvement to your income of around 9%, less the cost of membership, which is the equivalent of £1.64 per day.

Their mission is simple. A new, fairer and transparent model set up to disrupt the status quo, by putting power back in the hands of brokers.

For more information please, us the following link: http://www.adviser-alliance.co.uk/

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