Will 2015 be different

Most New Year resolutions made will have failed by the second week of January. Often this is because they are not thought out in enough detail. People realise they want to change and know they have to manage this change and need a plan. But storing it in your head isn’t enough - a powerful, effective plan needs to be written down.

Time is indeed one of your most valuable commodities but the investment you make in defining the strategic direction of your business and yourself could be some of the most rewarding hours you will spend this year.  

SMART Goal Setting – a simple one page form that you can use to set out short, medium or long term goals. Use a separate sheet for each goal you set but even if you only do one its progress.

SWOT Analysis Template – This document can be used to perhaps review your business and establish its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is self-explanatory but if you need assistance to implement this let me know.

You might not have made any New Year’s resolutions this year other than to stay in business but putting pen to paper could be what makes this year different. 

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