FCA Change - 1st April 2014

You will all be aware that since the change of regulator to the FCA, on the 1st April 2013 you were given until 1st April 2014 to use up old stocks of stationery before having to amend the regulatory statement and all other reference to FSA to the FCA.

Some of you have already done this but we know some have yet too and now you only have just under 7 weeks left to do it!

To help with this, and as provided in May 2013 with Bulletin Board 77, we have devised a simple check sheet that you can use in your firm to make sure you have methodically reviewed all documents, websites, email etc. This will ensure a record of what needs to be changed and when this occurs is retained.  This is good evidence from an audit point of view that everything has been updated in time for April 2014 and by whom.

You will note it has a couple of blank boxes at the bottom which allow you to add any other documents that you need to check that FCA statement and disclosures has been amended. 

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