Replacement for Gabriel

Data and technology are becoming increasingly important to financial markets and the way the FCA regulate the industry. They are pushing forward with a transformation programme that will harness the power of their data more effectively and efficiently: using new technology and analytical techniques to improve how they regulate and operate in the future.

The FCA have begun work to create a new platform for data collection to replace the main regulatory data collection system Gabriel. The system currently collects over 500,000 submissions annually, across 120,000 users and 52,000 firms.

Work is at an early stage and they claim they want to implement an easy-to-use system that is efficient for Firms and can be adapted to changing needs. They do recognise moving to a new platform can initially bring additional tasks for Firms and users, and they promise to will work with you during its development.

The FCA are keen to get your feedback. If you use Gabriel please complete our online survey. They plan to publish a summary of the feedback later this year.

(Source: FCA)

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