FCA Business Plan


This year, the FCA has identified the most important issues in each of the sectors we regulate. The sectors are:

Ø Pensions and retirement income

Ø  Retail banking

Ø  Retail lending

Ø  General insurance and protection

Ø  Retail investments

Ø  Investment management

Ø  Wholesale financial markets

You are encouraged to read the sector views and the relevant chapters within the business plan to gain insight into the outcomes we seek, issues and our planned activities for each sector.

The cross-sector issues are longer term and the FCA expect we will continue to address them in future business plans. They are:

Ø  Firms’ culture and governance – continue to promote the right cultures, behaviours and effective governance across the industry to deliver appropriate outcomes for consumers and the market.

Ø  Financial crime and anti-money laundering – continue to use intelligence to prevent money laundering and agree how we will deliver our new responsibility of oversight of the professional bodies.

Ø  Promoting innovation – sustain a regulatory environment where consumers and firms can grasp the opportunities of competition.

Ø  Technological change and resilience – ensuring new technology is safely adopted and working with firms so existing systems can be more resilient.

Ø  Treatment of existing customers – firms keep existing consumers informed about other available products and barriers are not created to reduce competition or discourage existing customers from changing providers or product.

Ø  Consumer vulnerability and access to financial services – develop a vision for consumers as part of a consumer strategy which will set out how we meet our consumer protection objective.

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 (Source: FCA)

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