Fake FCA Email

It has come to light that some regulated firms have received an email that appears to be from the FCA. The email asks the firm to complete a due diligence questionnaire, which is not attached, prompting firms to then respond for the attachment. 

The FCA has confirmed that this is NOT from them and is a scam email.

If you receive such an email you should forward it to Phishing@fca.org.uk then delete it.

There are various indicators that the email is fake which we highlight here to assist you in future:

Ø  No FCA logo

Ø  Email footer is much shorter

Ø  The email address is not from the FCA domain

Please do not confuse this with the ‘The Firm Details’ attestation emails which you do not need to click on a link of attachment for these. You go directly to Connect to attest to your firm details.

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