How to confirm Firm details

As stated in last month’s bulletin, you are required to review and confirm your firm details annually, within 60 days of your Accounting Reference Date (ARD).

Several firms have asked how you actually do this. Firstly, you should log into CONNECT. Select ‘Update or Attest to your Firms Details’. Then select the ‘Firm Details ‘and click on ‘Start Application’

 There are three sections to the application

1 – Application Contact Details – This is just to confirm who submitting it

2 - Firm Details – Go through each page checking the details and then ‘tick’ at the end, to confirm the details are correct. If they need amending ‘tick’ the appropriate section and update the details

3 – Firm Declaration. You don’t need to physically print and sign it just tick the relevant boxes

When you have done that the application should be ready to submit, and then the job is complete.

(Source: DMA)

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